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Forest Negroni

A bitter sweet and complex classic who have rightfully returned to the international cocktail scene.

3 cl. LSD GIN

3 cl. Mondino Amaro

3 cl. Baya Baya Red

1 cl BITE Raspberry/Strawberry sirup

Plum Espresso Martini

"Wake me up and fuck me up" is the infamous order that gave the inspiration for this absolute bestseller cocktail. Perfect for all times during the night.

3 cl. LSD Vodka

3 cl. Bad Boy Coffee Liqueur

3 cl. Espresso

1 cl. Empirical Plum, I suppose

Espresso martiniii.png
gin og tonic.png

Garden G&T

A classic for a reason. This seemingly simple drink has the oppertunity to be altered in all directions. Its up to the creator of the drink to make be creative.

4 cl. LSD Gin

1 cl. Baya Baya White

Top of with tonic classic

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